Bit by the love bug…

Cupid strikes again!






{ sweater } { pink flats Forever21 } { vest Forever21 } { purse Similar and similar } { necklace similar from Mindy Mae’s Market }

Pink is the perfect pop regardless of if you are getting all dolled up for a mushy gushy date with your love or a night on the town with your girls! Slip on a pink shoe, wear a bold pink sweater, sling a pop of pink over your shoulder or pucker up and add some colors to your lips to make the holiday more fun! Whether you have been hit by cupid or are promoting singles awareness day, remember that you are loved by someone and that is reason to celebrate (plus everyone loves a day where it’s completely acceptable to binge on chocolate covered anything)!

P.S. My sweater is $31 and flats are $17.80!




My Latest Obsession: The Truth

Hi ladies (and maybe even gentlemen),

It has been way too long. Since my last post I took a job with Dillard’s in Norman, Oklahoma as an area sales manager in hopes of moving up within the company. Growing up isn’t everything I thought it would be, hence my new obsession with “the truth” about life and what it entails.

Fashion is my true love, and definitely still an obsession of mine, but without a photographer (aka my sister, who I miss tons) posting daily outfits has become quite the difficult task. Fashion is part of my daily life so I will be sure and incorporate it, but The Captured Obsession is transforming into a lifestyle blog: the truth behind each day and the adventure of what seemed once so far away: growing up.



Work Wear

Good Morning!

Summer means swimming, sunshine, and… longer work days.

You know what makes those days a little better? Floral pants with a white blazer.

Who says work wear has to be boring? Prints, florals and bright colors are okay in the office if styled right. This blazer has pulled together so many of my outfits.

(I leave for Colorado Wednesday so I will be posting my travel outfits! Following my return I will be posting some great tips for summer work wear!)

Hope yall are having a fabulous summer!




Feelin’ Flirty

Hello babes!
Pink has been my favorite color to wear this summer and these pants are no exception. You will never guess where I got them… my mom’s closet! Yes, you heard that right; She’s pretty stylish.

(I apologize in advance for the phone selfies I had to take. My photographer, aka my sister, was out of town so I improvised)








Summer is such a fun season and the outfits should be too! Bring on your overly bright and printed tops and way too floppy hats and enjoy the sunshine and sno cones while you’re at it.

Choose a fun color that looks good on you and find some pieces to build an outfit around. My summer color is pink and I am loving it.  A purse or shoes are a good place to start if you are a little hesitant about incorporating bright colors. Adding neutrals is also a great way to tone down vibrant colors. This outfit was worn for work so the white blazer over the white top with eyelet trim detail gave it a hint of professionalism. What is your color this summer?

{Outfit Details} pants similar // blazer SheInside 24.99 // wedges JCPenney  similar on sale for 39.99 // pink tassel bracelet



The Art of Stacking

Hi dolls,
My absolute favorite accessory is a bracelet (okay, maybe an arm full of bracelets) so I am going to talk about the art of stacking.

For some, it comes naturally; For others, it is quite the challenge. Here are a few of my own tips for those who love wearing oodles of bracelets but just do not know where to begin.



Tip 1: Go for gold (or silver)
Stick to the metals if you are unsure of adding color, or if you want a simple classy look. I love gold and I wear these bracelets very often, whether it is to tone down a vibrant outfit or to add an elegant touch.


Tip 2: Find a commonality

I usually start with one bracelet (and I almost always wear a watch) and build from there. I am in love with this tassle bracelet from Mindy Mae’s Market so this was my starting point. The gold paired well with the gold on the watch and the pearl paired well with the pearl watch face and the pearl bracelet. Simple enough, right?


Tip 3: Let another piece inspire you

If a necklace is my focal point then I choose my bracelets accordingly. This necklace has a seashell with vibrant colors so I chose a bracelet with nautical attributes and a similar color to tie it together. The crystal dot bracelet paired well with the crystals on the necklace and the other bracelet had the similar blue.

stacking1Tip 4: Have fun with it

Accessories are supposed to be fun! Add a pop of color, or two! Stacking is an art, so it is open to your own interpretation and masterpiece.

Happy Stacking!




Hi dears!

Prints are easy to shy away from, but if styled right they are so fun!






Palazzo pants are super comfy and are easy to dress up. If they have a bold print then most of the work is done for you as far as styling goes. Adding solids with a print is an easy way to finish off a polished look. This was my work outfit so I had to add the cardigan for a sleeve (although I am not sure what is so risqué about a little  shoulder, but I am a rule follower when it comes to work so I added the extra layer). I am thinking I will go outside my comfort zone with my other palazzo pants and mix prints; Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

{Outfit Details} top JCPenneys on sale now! also be sure to sign up for text alerts for 15% off and $10 off coupons all the time, definitely worth it! (btw the back is sheer and super cute with a bandeau) // palazzo pants similar (only $24!) // cardigan similar// wedges similar // crystal dot bracelet Mindy Mae’s Market // watch Fossil  (very similar) // locket necklace Similar (I found mine at an antique shop)

Love always,